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Real Estate Consulting

Our company stands out in the real estate consulting sector, distinguishing itself from a conventional real estate agency, whose focus is solely on property sales.

However, our role goes beyond that: we actively support our clients in the ACQUISITION of real estate assets.

We act as exclusive representatives for our clients, in a centralized manner, across the entire real estate market. This ensures that the search for these investment properties is conducted according to each client’s specific objectives.

This personalized approach, focused on individual needs, allows us to find assets that align perfectly with each client’s expectations and investment strategies. Additionally, we provide dedicated support throughout the real estate asset purchase process.

From the identification and careful selection of properties to assistance and support at every stage of the purchase process, our team is committed to ensuring that our clients make solid investments aligned with their financial goals.

1st Stage:

Investment plan

  • Briefing alignment / investment expectations;

  • Presentation of the target market with performance indicators;

  • Bureaucratic structuring for property acquisition in the country (Tax Identification Number (NIF) / fiscal and legal representation / banks and financing);

  • Introduction to financial institutions for account opening and obtaining real estate credit;

  • Introduction to a partner for tax planning.

3rd Stage:

Investment Definition

  • Comparative study of square meter value (asking price scenario vs negotiated price scenario);

  • Real estate appreciation studies;

  • Rental income potential studies;

  • Return on Investment (ROI) simulation.

    Additional services:

  • Technical/building Due Diligence (provided in partnership);

  • Pre-architecture/engineering/decoration project (provided in partnership).

2nd Stage:

Search and selection

  • Presentation of potential properties (long-list);

  • Selection of properties approved by the client;

  •  Property visits with video delivery (when the client does not participate) and report;

  • Definition of a short-list (up to 5 properties).

4th Stage:

Asset Acquisition

  • Approval of proposal conditions;

  • Negotiation;

  • Monitoring the process of signing the Purchase and Sale Promissory Agreement and deed – legal responsibility of the client and/or their legal representative;

  • Property delivery inspection.

Additional services:                 

  • Legal Due Diligence (provided in partnership).

Support for the SALE process of the real estate asset:

We support our clients in the SALE of the real estate asset when this asset was acquired through our real estate consulting.

We see the SALE process as the realization of the investment and the moment to capture the actual return achieved.

1st Stage: Planning

  • Physical assessment of the asset;

  • Setting minimum and ideal prices;

  • Marketing strategy;

  • Price adjustment methodology.

3rd Stage: Bureaucratic Support

  • Drafting of the purchase and sale promissory agreement and monitoring the signing process;

  • Documentation gathering;

  • Monitoring the deed process.

    Additional Services:                

  • Recommendation of legal representation for the process.

2nd Stage: Negotiation

  • Selection of proposals;

  • Negotiation.

4th Stage: ROI Calculation

  • Actual calculation of the return on investment achieved by the transaction and comparison with initial studies.

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