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Profitability Management

Our compensation arises from the operational results of real estate assets and not from revenue, as is the case for many property managers. This ensures that we have the utmost commitment and interest in maximizing revenue and minimizing costs for our clients.


In our operations, we encompass all three lease modalities: short, medium, and long term.

This diversity determines the adoption of the most suitable modality, taking into account not only the interests of investors but also a detailed study of the profitability potential. This calculation is carried out based on the specific characteristics of the property, its location, and variations in results according to market seasonality.

We understand that currently the property leasing process is dominated by online platforms. Especially when it comes to short-term leasing, which allows for greater profitability opportunities and is the most complex leasing modality, the name of the game is PAGE RANK, and the rule of the game is BOOKABILITY. Hospitality is just the means and not the end.

Our work process

1st Stage: Lease Model Definition

  • Analysis of the profitability potential for each leasing model for each property based on market data;

  • Support for the client’s tax and legal structuring for the start of operations;

  • Definition of the contractual relationship between Qualquer Destino and the client in accordance with the previous item.

3rd Stage: Tenant/Guest Acquisition

  • Methodology of values to achieve the expected occupancy rate;

  • Pre-selection of interested parties (in the case of long-term);

  • Accompaniment during property visits (in the case of long-term);

  •  Evaluation of proposals and proposers (in the case of long-term);

  • Contract signing, when necessary.

2nd Stage: Property Setup

  • Tax and legal structuring of the property leasing model;

  • Organization of property utilities supply;

  • Inventory and acquisition of additional items necessary for property operation;

  •  Internal software synchronization to support operations;

  • Preparation and launch of the property leasing promotion announcement.

4th Stage: Profitability management

  • Guest/Tenant Management;

  • Handling matters related to the leasing operation with the property (maintenance, cleaning, etc.);

  • Invoicing and collection from guests/tenants for rental amounts;

  • Monitoring the financial and operational performance of the properties according to the defined leasing model.

  • Additional Services:

  • Legal support in case of non-compliance/default by the tenant in long-term contracts (service provided in partnership).

5th Stage: End of Lease (long-term)

  • Property inspection;

  • Negotiation of termination values – rental and security deposit amounts;

  • Reactivation of the 3rd stage.

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